Vici Gaming announced the second part of the discipline Dota 2

18 September 2016

A few hours ago was published composition Vici Gaming.Juniors team, which was headed by the vice-champion of The International 4, Bai "rOtk" Fan. According to rumors, the composition was so named in honor of an American professional basketball player Jeremy Lin, who allegedly invested in the development of this organization in particular and the Chinese pro-scene as a whole.

The team was formed VG.J organization instead roster Vici Gaming.Reborn, which formally ceased to exist (the participants were moved to the main part of the club). The newly-made team, under the guidance of an experienced captain will act rOtK kibersportsmeny following: Hu "hym" Zhi San "Agressif" Zheng Lu "Fenrir" Chao and Wang "Nono" Hin.

Last before becoming a free agent, was listed in Vici Gaming Reborn (instead of him in the ranks of VG.R it was passed former Kerry is not very well-known in the international community of the Chinese team FTD Club C - Zheng "ghost" Jie). Hym also performed under the auspices of Vici Gaming. The rest of the players came from other clubs: Agressif moved from LGD Gaming, and Fenrir - from EHOME. Very surprised at the time that the "veterans" the Dota 2 scene such as: r0tk, Agressiff and Fenrir take place in the second part of the organization. I hasten to note that Agressiff, in turn, became a finalist for The International 5 with CDEC team.

Today, September 18, at 10 o'clock in the morning Moscow time officially closed transfer window.

Vici Gaming.Juniors composition is as follows:

San "Agressif" Zzheng

Wong "Nono" Hin

Bayi "rOtk" Fan

Hu "hym" Zzhi

Lou "Fenrir" Chao