Dreamhack Bucharest - Virtus.pro champions [CS: GO]

18 September 2016

DreamHack ZOWIE Open kicked off the group stage at the Olympic system (GSL), with four teams in each group. The first matches, the winners of the meeting and matches "to take off" took place in the format VO1 and deciders-matches have been played within the framework of the three cards - best-of-three. The top two teams from each group passed the stage of the playoffs, where in the Single Elimination BO3 format determine the champion.

The Poles were in the same group to Team EnVyUs, Heroic and Gambit, which easily coped with rivals in VO1 and matches out of first place. Apart from the future champions, in the stage of the playoffs came EnVyUs (Group A) and Cloud9 to Dignitas (Group B).

On the way to the championship began Dignitas, which for a place in the grand final had to play three cards - Mirage 16: 4, Cbble 14:16 and Overpass 16:13. In the final match for the title, Virtus.pro faced with obtaining the course of Cloud9, which, in turn, defeated French from Team EnVyUs. Polish Five without any problems sorted out with your opponent, winning two cards with the same score - Train 16: 9, Cobblestone 16: 9 and takes the title DreamHack Bucharest 2016 with the award of $ 50,000 for first place.

MVP DreamHack ZOWIE Open Bucharest in 2016 was Philip "NEO" Kubski, which in addition to a stable of good games, won the community epic clutch-point 1-for-5 in the semifinal match against the Danes.

The composition of the winners, Virtus.pro command looks like this:

Victor "TaZ" Wojtas

Filip "Neo" Kubski

Jaroslaw "pasha" Yarzabkovski

Janusz "snax" Pogorzhelsky

Paul "byali" Belinsky

The prize fund was distributed next way:

1. Virtus.pro - $ 50,000

2. Cloud9 - $ 20,000

3-4. dignitas - $ 10,000

3-4. EnVyUs - $ 10,000

5-6. FaZe - $ 3,000

5-6. Heroic - $ 3,000

7-8. FlipSid3 - $ 2,000

7-8. Gambit - $ 2,000