How to save the form of eSports players. Professional medical advices

18 September 2016

Doctors and experts in the field of ergonomics can tell you how to create favorable conditions for the endurance of the game. These tips from the experts and professionals in the sports gaming can be a real help for those who take care of their health during the sessions of match practice. By following them you will be healthy and can achieve considerable success in tournaments and team battles.

In traditional professional sports, such as football or basketball, the injury remains a serious problem. Professionals in various fields - sports doctors, hiring managers, owners and sponsors - solve these problems for more than a century, with varying degrees of success. The most successful esports disciplines such as League of Legends and DOTA 2, faced with the same challenges of extending longevity for the top players, and traditional sports. The correct functioning of the conditions of professional players can achieve success in the tournament practice and stay healthy for a long time. Recent high-profile injury of a player Fnatic olofmeister in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive give reason to think that eSports is paying insufficient attention to the problem of health of athletes.

Olof Gustafsson Kayber known as olofmeister

However, successful examples worries about longevity in the e-sports is. "Most of the players that I know and who perform at the highest level, are already using special exercises to maintain health and longevity of the game in the professional arena," - says the player StarCraft II Samayan "BLING" Kay. BlinG played for Team Dignitas, now he is retired. "To improve the quality of their game, a special program is needed to preserve the mood and health in general." It has become a common element in the practice of competitive players training when gamers play devote 12-14 hours a day, leaving only a small section for meals and sleep. This way of life can seriously damage health and lead a top-level players to serious injury and functional diseases.

In 2011, Lee player "Flash" Young Ho underwent surgery in the recovery process of their tendons. And in 2014, Clinton "Fear" Loomis - one of the best players DOTA 2 in North America - was forced to retire from the sport for a long time after the inflammation of the joint capsule of the elbow joint. This diagnosis was made because of a serious surge muscles of the hand and forearm.

"Prolonged rapid movement can cause inflammation of various kinds," - says Dr. Daniel Polatsch. Daniel is a co-owner of "Center of the hands and wrists" in New York. He treated the damaged hands and wrists in a plurality of gaming professional players.

"The fingers are controlled by tendons that connect muscles and bones. Excessive repetitive exercises on the arm and hand can cause inflammation, pain and damage to the tendons. While such injuries cause pain, they are not as serious, rather than those that do not have to treat."

Pain in the arm and hand injuries - it is a signal that the disease can be cured

According to the recommendations of the Dr. Polatsch, the secret of longevity in the e-sports is the gradual increase in load during training. So you will save your hands from the tendon ruptures.

Yuri Donchenko