Clinton Fear Loomis retired. As a coach of Evil Geniuses

19 September 2016

Clinton "Fear" Loomis left the sports gaming DOTA 2. Nearly five years he played the position of Carry to the Evil Geniuses (USA). On September 14, he announced that he was leaving. And it becomes coach of the team for which he played for almost 5 years.

"Evil Geniuses (EG) - the world's leading professional teams sports gaming - today announced its September 14, Clinton" Fear "Loomis, the cornerstone of the best roasters DOTA 2 and DOTA over the past decade, officially retiring as a player decision is effective immediately. "

Official treatment Evil Geniuses website

The statement is a reference to the fact that "Fear" decided to leave the big sport and not continue playing career on the basis of "medical reasons." ESports require restrictions in daily life. However, given past achievements Clinton remains a part of Evil Geniuses large family and continue his career as a coach DOTA.EG.

Appeal leadership team of Fear retire in a social network

"I live a professional gamer's dream for more than ten years, and now I have reached each of the goals that I set for myself and for the game DOTA in EG Now I will seek a new purpose -... Become healthier My passion for DotA, and the game is still strong, but a long period of recovery of my hand requires that I say today: "Thank you all for your support!" "

Statement Fear and Evil Geniuses management should be considered in the context that during last month players EG Peter "ppd" Daguerre (captain) and offlaner CAAX "Universe" Aurora were removed from the official composition of the team. However, it is expected that they will be included in the new active lineup of EG.

In retrospect, we should say that Fear as the most successful player DOTA 2 in North America, began his career in 2005. And in 2011 he became a member of the "Online Kingdom" team and played in the first The International in 2011, finishing with 7-8-th place team. This period is an outstanding athlete is well documented Valve in the movie "Free To Play". After the speeches in the main tournament of the year pillboxes Clinton joined the Evil Geniuses, to become a legend of eSports. As a Carry Fear had the most long-lasting relationship with the club in the history.

Clinton Fear trophies in recent years.

The total amount of the player's earnings is $ 2,372,159 dollars.

Yuri Donchenko