Khaled "sqreen" El Habbash: "I want my team was not just a mix of players"

19 September 2016

Every time the news are written about me in the comments to him there are 2 types of people. And now I will tell you more about them.

The former believe that I'm a good captain and paved the way for a whole list of players on the big stage. The most famous of the currently playing - a general and yoku. In addition, they understand that with me the team, though not stable, often gaining the form of a small period and show good results in the short run. So it was in all organizations, where I played:

With Moscow Five, we were able to win a number of online and LAN-tournaments in just one month of its existence. We were able to beat a lot of famous teams, while not particularly famous.

The Vega Squadron, as soon as I came in and replaced the previous captain, as well as competently picked up a second player - Solo, - we brought the team out of crisis and began to win many tournaments.

The Big Red Machine, I led the team on the LAN for 2 weeks, and also took second place in the open qualifications The Frankfurt Major in 2015, losing there Empire with a score of 1-2.

With Elements Pro Gaming in the past month, we broke into the top CIS, winning in a variety of online games, and almost at the MDL of selected, where we ustpuili Team Spirit with a score of 2: 3. After that, we got an invite to private training.

And this is only the organization with whom I worked in the period 2014-2015. In each of them I did not play more than 2 months. At this influenced the circumstances, which I will discuss later.

Let us turn to the second type of people. They believe that it is my fault dizbandah every team that I enjoy the change of players, with me there is no stability. A company they make inadequate people who just want to mock, going on about the herd. And I understand that if a person does not know everything inside and sees only the external facts that scandalous attempt to provide a variety of media, to gain some popularity due to this, and if this person has not followed exactly behind me and just comes to read news, then it most likely will develop a negative opinion in my direction. Also, people who are just beginning to follow the game and the competition stage, already see the negative comments and various jokes. As a rule, most of them formed the same view as they do not follow me, and do not understand what's what. This blog is intended to dispel such views and explain the reasons for all replacements. Before that I did not consider it necessary to tell the audience and spoke about them only on various insider talks.

The first thing I would like to say - I agree that most dizbandov was made on my initiative, as I needed a replacement, which did not get a good part of the organization. As a result, he went, with usually about 2 players have been fine-tuned against me. In this situation it is important to understand why I needed to replace a variety of players at certain times. So now I will explain it as accessible as possible:

1. Selection of the right players in the team. In general, I always look at the player certain qualities that are needed to ensure that he has achieved something in the game with the team. Most of the players do not have, which is why professional players in our society - the minority. In addition, often had to make a substitution due to the fact that someone is not enough serious attitude to the game, someone can not control their emotions, and continually fixate on the mistakes of others, some are not able to sufficiently communicate with the team. Well, in the end, not all play at the level that is needed to start the professional career of the player.

2. I am in favor of a clear vision on the team, where there is the captain and players who listen to him and do whatever he says. Only with such a serious approach, in my opinion, it is possible to achieve something worthwhile.

As an example from the life of such an approach is used in the army. There is a commander and his subordinates. This concept of effective control and the test of time, judging by the many soldiers who have been won by the Russian army. The e-sports, this approach is also gaining momentum. However, but for now it works only in Asia, where the e-sports is more developed than ours, as well as more players just a professional attitude to the game. In the CIS, a minority.

That is, I have strict requirements, and if someone does not perform, I make a substitution. It is common practice in Asia, where all organizations and clubs have their own set of rules that players are required to comply. That is why there is almost always significantly better results. Just in Asia, people diligently and much more serious approach to the matter than we do. Therefore, replacing it only occur in the transfer window, and I have an average of once every 1-2 months. And each organization controls the discipline and attitude of the players, what do I do. But in the CIS, most players are spoiled children who just want to get money and play DotA with friends. Hence, constantly low results compared with the regions that have a serious approach. This is due to the fact that many organizations in the CIS allow players to sit down and to hang them on the legs and does not control the further process. Hence, there are players who feel that someone has to pay them the money and satisfy their desires, and they just have to play and do nothing in response.

3. I speak just for a serious approach. And players who have the main goal - to find a place where you can play with your friends and get paid for it, and then call yourself a professional, travel around the world at the expense of the well-known organization, which invites because of its tag, and then lift your CDA to heaven, I'm not interested. Yes, so far I have not succeeded in many things, including a minimum of stability of teams as well as the CIS - the most problematic region in this regard. Nevertheless, I continue to fight and to go to, to create a team that will be able to perform well on the world stage. I want my team was not just a mix of players who want to play dota for money, and consisted of 5 people with a clear in-game and foreign concepts that are able to think and communicate at a high level, as well as a professional attitude to the game . As an example, the composition can lead to discipline CS: GO, which I admire in this regard today.

I hope that this blog is read by as many people who are watching eSports, and instead of mindless negativity and ridicule will change their attitude towards me and my approach to business. I would also like to express my deep gratitude to those who belong to the first type of people understand my contribution, approach and objectives, supporting me in this - without you I could not pass such a long way and learn from their mistakes.