Filip "Neo" Kubski: "AWP into the hands of players take on the mood"

19 September 2016

The winner of the DreamHack Bucharest 2016 as part - Philip «neo» Kubski - spoke about the distribution of roles in the team, as well as the matches against Team Dignitas and Cloud

On the distribution of roles in

"The last change occurred before the MLG Major Championship: Columbus, when I led the top five. Since then, significant changes we have not. We are only trying to improve our strategy and worked through the roles that execute in the game. We no longer have a separate AWPera: sniper rifle in the hands of players take on the mood. This approach has its pluses and minuses, but overall we are satisfied with it - we are more unpredictable than any other team. "

On the semi-final meeting with Team Dignitas:

«Dignitas is becoming stronger. As you can see, the team is now more powerful composition. Five of began to play better and more often improvise, so we knew that against them we will have to seriously. But I think we were ready for them. Overpass - not the strongest our map, but we know that we can play well on it. The choice was simple - either Overpass, or Dust2. Middle Overpass, when we were behind the terrorists, I asked Snax give instructions instead of me because I was not comfortable doing it. It worked, and we took a few rounds. Overall the game was good, but we have managed to give force bai a couple of times - for example, when the score was 14:14. It was our fault, in principle we should not allow it. "

On the final match against Cloud9:

"They surprised us - especially those that have chosen Train and decided to start for terrorists. For us it was like a second Christmas. However, for the first time in the tournament we did not know with whom to meet, and therefore decided to just play in their own way. Before that we were preparing for future opponents and watched their matches in the tournament. We had no idea what might happen. We just played in his style - I think it caught them by surprise. "

About speech at StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 2

"We have been the reason that we are not laid one hundred and could not normally play. I will not go into details, but we expected that the tournament may end very quickly for us - that, in fact, happened. We knew that it was a mistake, so do not look at the result and did not take the defeat to heart. We knew that, despite everything, we are still strong as a team. "