Handsken: "The complexity we have focused on team battles"

20 September 2016

Newbie The Alliance - Simon «Handsken» Haag - spoke about compLexity Gaming speech at The International 2016 collapse ended the American organization and the transition to the Alliance. The most interesting from the next podcast Epi - in CyberSport.ru material

On presentation at The International 2016

"The idea is that by trips to the main stage of the World Cup we separated only 1 win against Digital Chaos card still causes sadness and disappointment. We had a good chance simply to take first place in the American qualification and get a ticket to the event, because we beat the Evil Geniuses and Digital Chaos in the framework of the group stage. But then came the defeat of the FDL, after which we were waiting for the replay. In the match against EG we managed to kill five more to creep out, but then the advantage was lost. Decisive bo5 with DC was even worse: we made several comebacks and worked well, but it was not enough. Largely affected the nerves, because we have managed to give the opponent the card that did not have to give. We went to a place in the Wild Card-tournament, but it is unlikely to win over DC to change something. I still almost did not believe in the good performance in the Championship cira ".

Decay compLexity Gaming

"We have not really talked to the guys after TI. Rasmus «Chessie» Blomdin had gone to see his girlfriend. I discussed the situation with compatriots, so I was aware that they want to leave the team. We Linus «Limmp» Blomdinom (Chessie was not there at the training base) announced that he was leaving the group. Zachary «ZfreeK» Friedman and Kyle «melonzz» Friedman wanted us to stay, but it was impossible. We broke down on the performance of The Manila Major 2016. We are all preparing for the event as hard, but the players do not trust each other. During the group stage, the last major-tournament season there was the strangest incident in my career. I do not want to go into details and did not say even a word about the situation. Let's just say guys do not get along. On the TI haunted me the feeling that only the World Cup, and keeps me in the top five. "

On the role of coach and support staff

"The Organization has invited other people how to solve internal conflicts, and to improve the team results. Not everyone considered this step necessary, but management and a couple of guys thought that people from the outside will be able to restore interpersonal relationships. I think that without Alan «Nahaz» Bester we would have made worse. According to the results do not say, but Nahaz was very good. He helped us to come to a common denominator during team discussions. More we had a professional chef and manager. Also with us 1 day worked, Professor of Sports Academy IMG, and his contribution can not be overestimated. Thus, he was able to explain to our expressive players that not all their soul mates jumping, shouting and other boisterous activities. Emotions have a place in e-sports, but personally I would have liked the atmosphere, similar to the one that was at the EG soon as The International 2015. The guys were incredibly calm on stage, and I think, why were so good. "

On the formation of the roster The Alliance

"I'm sorry I was a player in position 5 coL, but because even The Alliance proposal would be rejected if I have not given the position of the seven-tech support. I was friends with Jonathan «Loda» Berg since the days of performances in Ninjas in Pyjamas. Then we always trained together. We have decided to withdraw from Limmp'om compLexity after TI6 and hoped to be in the same team. Loda I wrote before the actual collapse of our staff. He'd called me into his team. Jonathan said Jerry «EGM» Lundquist will remain in the roster, so we had to find only two. We quickly agreed on the candidacy of Jonas «jonassomfan» Lindholm, but with Meader it was not so easy. I wanted to see in the top five Limmp'a with whom I like to play the most, and Jonathan liked Mikk «Micke» Nguyen. He got his chance at qualifying for the WESG 2016 but Limmp liked boys more. I would be happy to continue to act with the Chessie, but this season he suffered a recurrence of a back injury, which added to the problems with the heart and wrist. He took a break before the next major-tournament. "

On the style of the Swedish team game

"In coL we focused on the team battle. Gold was distributed almost equally between us, but I do not think it would work in the case of The Alliance. We will act aggressively, just like the pros do it in the Heroes of Newerth. Loda will be a little closer to the typical Kerry than he was while playing with Henrik «AdmiralBulldog» Anbergom. We trained for about a week. All the guys, including Loda and EGM'a, eager to prove themselves. "

On the relations between the former teammates

«ZfreeK melonzz and very different approaches to solving the conflict, but to shout like both of them. Sometimes, the brothers tell each other something very offensive, and then reconciled. Perhaps they do not even notice it, but their arguments affected the mood of the five other members. On the contrary, Chessie and Limmp very passive and quiet. Unfortunately, they sometimes turn a blind eye to each other's shortcomings. "

About Meta The International 2016

"I was impressed pick EHOME. It is because the Chinese gained popularity Kunkka, Undying and Ogre Magi. Zhang «LaNm» Zhicheng was ready Lock the hero of any opponent. For example, EHOME always taken Warlock'a against certain characters. The team stuck to its vision of the game until the very end, which allowed it to take 5-6 place and at the same time ruined structure. I also liked Skywrath Mage, Jakiro and Morphling by Digital Chaos. Wings Gaming simply acted in his style and showed what can be achieved by faith in his comrades. "

On rearrangements in Evil Geniuses

"I did not expect that Clinton" Fear »Lumiz finish his career, but the decision is quite clear: it has already achieved everything. Peter «ppd» Daguerre was a great captain, but constant care and the return of Arthur «Arteezy» Babayev and Ludwig «zai» Wahlberg suggest that DotA players is not all gone wrong. Andreas «Cr1t-» Nielsen struck me last season for its versatility, and it will certainly be an excellent support service EG ».

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