OG has three new team players. A captain Tal Fly Aizik was interviewed

20 September 2016

Tal Aizik plays for OG under the nickname Fly for over a year. Previously, the team had the name (monkey) Business and Israeli player Tal was her captain, too. The boys played together one composition in August 2015, went from victory at The Frankfurt Major Major in 2015 to win at The Manila Major 2016. But now, perhaps, time to take some intermediate results, and will see mind's eye on the future. After three of the legendary five are no longer a part of.

The former part of OG (former team (monkey) Business)

Despite the stability of the performances at the top tournaments, the team was able to show its level at the last The International 2016. Even though guys former (monkey) Business could win two Major, in the main tournament of the year in DotA they were just 9-12 th line. Miracle-, MoonMeander and Cr1t-, left the location of the base training OG. These guys went with dignity to the leading clubs, claims to professional players qualifying for them there. But the team had to draw conclusions, and it was done.

Trophies OG

The new Fly teammates were:

- Jess "JerAx" Vainikka, formerly a support Team Liquid
- Gustav "s4" Magnusson, played as a midlaner in Alliance
- And a new star from Australia Anathan "ana" Pham

- Let's talk about your new roster OG. Where did you find ana, JerAx and s4? Previously, you would like to play against them or with them?

Fly: I have already played with the s4 and always wanted to play with JerAx. True. Originally, I wanted to JerAx played in our first part of OG. As for the ana - it is the whole story, covered in mystery. Big stage it is not yet known. But I saw him in the game and feel that it will bring the team a lot of good.

- What are your goals for the next MDL LAN (MarsTV Dota 2 League 2016 Autumn tournament)? You will try new approaches or in whatever was to try to win the tournament in China?

Fly: On the MDL we try mainly played together as a team. Personally, I always try to win. But the more important task of the team - is to know each other is better. We have a week to train to the MDL. You see, approaches to major and this tournament - different. There will be a good platform for the practice of the new season with a new composition.

- Now you have 2 midlaners s4 and ana. Who will play as a offlaner?

Fly: s4 will play offline. He wants to try something new this season. In general, offline - is the player of the space, which is suitable for s4. He will need time to adjust to a new role, but he is motivated.

- What are your goals for this year? You win the third Major with this lineup?

Fly: This year we will fight for victory in every major. But even more, I want to get to The International. Firstly, I have to get better as a player and as a captain. I think I still have room for growth. My rich experience will help me to become better, and as a leader, which I try to be.

34th line in the player revenue ranking by Fly (according to Highest Overall Earnings)

Yuri Donchenko