Professional gamer Miracle- at his mouse and AFK

21 September 2016

19-year-old Jordanian-Polish origin Miracle- recently left teammates, with whom he played during the last year as part of OG (formerly (monkey) Business). May 11, 2016 Amer "Miracle" Al-Barkawi was the first who exceeded 9,000 MMR Rating DOTA 2. The position of Kerry he earned at such a young age is already $ 619.331 dollar (and this despite the fact, that he started playing six years ago at age 17). He is now a member of Team Liquid Team (USA). With luggage won 2 Major, he is confident in the future. And recently, he was nominated for the award "Best PC Player of the Year" by version eSports Industry Awards 2016.

Amer Miracle- in Russian style hat

No doubt Amer "Miracle" Al-Barkawi among the elite of professional eSports. It was recently filmed a small documentary about the life of a gamer mouse and AFK ("Away From Keyboard").

"I do not think I'm the best player in the world. There are a lot of talented players at the same level"

In 12 years, Amer hooked on video games and never regretted it. His nickname Miracle- he received for a particular style of play.

"When I had just started playing, I won and won each by a Shadow Fiend They called me." Miracle boy " that I cut up Miracle-"

Amer Miracle- in working position for a game of your favorite DOTA

Unlike many other ambitious gamers a top-level, Amer initially did not believe in the possibility and was not going to get to Olympus DOTA scene.

"At first, I was just playing for fun, has not yet reached the mark of 5,200 MMR. When I got to 7,000, I began to play seriously."

He did not believe that would be a professional competitive players, even when he reached the level of 8,000 MMR.

"I thought the chances are minimal that people will talk to me. I was naive and did not think it would ever happen"

Amer "Miracle" Al-Barkawi recalls that the first man from the big e-sports, which appealed to him was Johan "n0tail" (Johan Sundstein, OG).

"At first, I thought it was a fake web account, so did not answer. But then he changed his mind and added it in to Skype. We played a couple of games"

Subsequently Miracle- began cementing the foundation and driving motor OG team until this summer when the OG not played at his level The International 6. He left OG roster.

Achievements 19-year-old player

"I wanted to prove to people that I'm not just a gamer from the nearest internet cafe"

Yuri Donchenko