Update CS: GO dated September 21

22 September 2016

The patch is designed to improve the quality of the connection to the game servers. In addition, the change undergone mechanical interaction of smoke grenades and Molotov cocktails. Basically, the game client will change in a few days.


- Added a wider variety of options for network settings and the Internet connection speed, is responsible for the transmission of valid data from the client to the game server;

- Basic setting the speed changed to 196608, which will improve the connection quality of the players with a connection 1.5 Mbit / s or better;

- Players can increase the base speed setting up to 786432, that will correspond to the connection 6 Mbit / c, but it is worth bearing in mind that when vibrations speed Internet connection possible packet loss, if your ISP or web-equipment does not send data packets with strong changes speed;

[Smoke grenades]

- Removed the restriction of 0.5 seconds. during the second rebound grenades, which will extinguish the Molotov cocktail;

- Smoke Grenade Molotov cocktail to quench, if after a rebound will not fall directly into the fire;

- The grenade did not extinguish the Molotov cocktail, being on the hot surface;

- Smoke grenade can still put out the fire, even if the switching point for the grenade is an obstacle;


- Fixed a bug due to which players could use a double jump squats, allowing to jump higher than allowed by the mark;

- Fixed a bug due to which players may not change when using squats, while in the air;