"VKontakte" and their new platform. Competition for Twitch and Hitbox?

22 September 2016

Russian social network "VKontakte" presented its strimingovuyu platform to broadcast your gameplay and earn money. So far, this possibility is not available to anyone interested, but only popular tape drives and some members of the beta test.

Broadcast looks like any other video on the site. It can send a private message add to their page or to the community, to share with friends and subscribers, as well as to build an external site. Chat will be available in full-size mode, in which the audience will be able to communicate using the usual opportunity for dialogue "VKontakte". During the beginning of any broadcast all of the users subscribed to the page will receive a notification that will inform them about the beginning of the broadcast. Follow it is possible through the web version of the site, or through mobile social networking applications.

At the moment, the game broadcast are in the testing phase, which will be able to participate in the popular streamers from Russia and the CIS, as well as those who have written to the test and have access to the use of innovations.

Streamers can earn not only by Donata implemented previously entered to the site the ability to transfer money, but also with the help of built-in advertising. It will be added to the broadcast, and the author will receive a percentage of the value of impressions.