League of Legends - sale totems. Copy of Dota 2 compendiums?

23 September 2016

Riot Games is planning to increase the prize fund of the coming Championship League of Legends world by selling totems and images. In addition, it will review the economic component and give the teams share revenue from the translation, sale of branded items and in-game items.

On completion of the prize pool will go 25% of the proceeds from the sale of totems and images that will be released on the eve of the World Championships. The same percentage of income from the sale of challenger-images go in Mid Season Invitational prize fund. The same goes for the team images - the share of the proceeds will be paid to the winner. Riot Games also promise that the re-emergence of other skins in the store teams world- past champions Fnatic, Taipei Assassins, Samsung Galaxy White and SK Telecom T1 - also receive their well-deserved money.

Riot Games said, under such a system in 2015 Season World Championship prize fund would have grown by more than a factor of 2, which is a substantial addition to the participating teams. In addition, in the following season, the team will be given more freedom with regards to work in the media.

In August 2016, the leadership of a few American teams began to complain that Riot Games with limits their earning potential in each year, but at the same time forced to increase spending on the team. The above measures are intended to fix the problem and increase the income of the world's leading compounds.