FlipSid3 lost one of the players. Electronic acts temporary replacement [CS:GO]

23 September 2016

FlipSid3 Tactics reported that the composition will join Dennis "electronic" Sharipov, who will replace Alexander "Shara" Gordeev. Along with "flips", already a former player, was able to achieve a "legend" status, taking on the ESL One Cologne 5-8 place and thus helped the team get a direct invite to come into the January 2017 major-tournament. The official reason for the replacement of a Ukrainian was the lack of progress in the individual results.

"Today, we have to make a change Sasha -. A great player, a lovely, decent man, but, unfortunately, our results in recent years have not progressed Various methods we used did not help I want to say to Sasha thank you so much for all that.. he has done for us and wish him luck in the future. But Denis wished success, experience and victories in the new composition FlipSid3! " - Commented on the changes in the composition Vitali "Toyo_Dj" Ogienko, staff manager FlipSid3.

New players in the team, the CIS was Denis "electronic" Sharipov, a promising young Russian who got his fame in the Team Empire. Together with the "Imperials", electronic won the CIS Minor`a on ESL One Cologne, but in view of the lack of experience the team failed qualification, having lost three in a number of experienced rivals - Cloud9, dignitas, Immortals.

"I am very happy to have joined one of the top teams with the best players in the world I'll do All for our team to work together to achieve the highest goals in the industry CS:. GO!" - Comments Denis "electronic" Sharipov, freshman F3.

Actual composition FlipSid3 Tactics:

George "WorldEdit" Yaskin

Egor "markeloff" Markelov

Andrew "B1ad3" Gorodensky

Yang "wayLander" Rahkonen

Denis "electronic" Sharipov