Chris HuK Loranger of Overwatch future. "The future is very bright"

23 September 2016

Chris Loranger with the nickname "HuK" - not a novice in e-sports. US-Canadian presenter and analyst at the age of 27 is ranked # 27 position in StarCraft II. Since 2011, it stands for Evil Geniuses club. But now he has found his calling in eSports commentary, on the other side of the ring, considering the players in the noise-suppressing headphones.

One of the passports Chris - Canadian

HuK Chris grew up in St. Petersburg (which is in Florida, USA), but most often identifies with Canada. Childhood in the south of the United States was difficult - his family lived in poverty. Future pro-gamer often seen the consequences of drug use, domestic violence and alcohol abuse among their peers and in their families. Violent youth and led him eventually to prison for teenagers. But the father of Chris took his time in Canada (Chris was 16 years old). His father, Chris expressed his gratitude later: "If my family moved to Canada, I would probably already have been in jail, or dead in the army." After moving to Canada he started playing StarCraft: Brood War, and when the release of StarCraft II was released in 2010, switched to her. During one interview, Chris Loranger said in StarCraft II, he began to play instead of the army and to pay school fees.

"If my family had not moved to Canada, I would probably already have been in jail, or dead in the army"

His professional career as a professional eSports he started in VT Gaming, later in French Millenium Club (2010). HuK plays for the Protoss. In September 2010, Chris moved to Team Liquid (USA), and since 2011 - in Evil Geniuses (USA). He was the first in history to win two titles MLG winner.

Trophies Chris HuK Loranger

With the advent of Overwatch Chris "HuK" became one of the inflexible apologists of the new game. As a caster and analyst spent ESL Atlantic Showdown in August 2016. His candidacy was approved and for the next tournament with Overwatch Open $300,000th budget. Also, together with his Canadian compatriot Lane "Surefour" Roberts will represent Canada at the World Cup in Overwatch Team Canada team. The tournament will be held in the framework of BlizzCon 2016.

- When you first decided to link their fate with Overwatch? What prompted you to master of this game?

HuK: I did not have any special moment when I did it. I played Overwatch and enjoyed it. Then I decided to get on the big stage Overwatch. The decision to become a leading Overwatch comes from enjoying a game of StarCraft II. Later I realized that the best way to promote this game can be as a professional game at the highest level, and the role of the coach (or analyst) to pro clubs.

- StarCraft II has a well-established tradition of tournaments and their evaluation. What do you think the common line in these professions regarding Overwatch?

HuK: I think, and presenters and commentators in Overwatch need help from the content improvement, statistics, tools, etc. Observers in Overwatch - a very difficult thing. I see that this is now the greatest obstacle to a Overwatch eSports. I am sure that Blizzard will pay more attention to and support this game in the near future.

- How do you see the future as the Overwatch eSports discipline?

HuK: I think the future - very bright. Blizzard took very seriously. As for support teams in this game - I am very optimistic.

After playing career, Chris HuK Loranger wants to study psychology.

Yuri Donchenko