zai has received a proposal from The Alliance, but decided to stay in EG due Arteezy "

24 September 2016

Support Evil Geniuses - Ludwig «zai» Wahlberg - talked about retirement Clinton «Fear» Lumiza, passing Peter «ppd» Daguerre in multigaming management and much more in the next edition of the podcast hotpants.

On rearrangements in Evil Geniuses

"After the departure of Digital Chaos at The International in 2016, we discussed the future of the team. Clinton «Fear» Lumiz already talked about a possible retirement, so his departure was not a surprise. Peter «ppd» Daguerre spent us into their plans at the end of the tournament, but he previously engaged in the management part of almost more than a game. I once again received a proposal from The Alliance, but decided to stay in the team to play with his friend - Arthur «Arteezy» Babayev. "

On the new line-up

"Most of the leadership responsibilities will lie on me and Andreas« Cr1t- »Nielsen. Yes, it is a daunting challenge, but I appreciate the opportunity to grow as a person and as a cyber sportsman. Everyone expects us to good performances, and it presses. While it is difficult to say how much this factor will impact on our results. "

On the other Western teams

«Team NP will be much stronger than the fans think, especially when Curtis« Aui_2000 »Ling will start again to win back the good. To do this, he needs to get used to his comrades. Team Liquid spent competent replacement: Amer «Miracle-» al-Barkawi stronger Adriana «FATA-» Trinks and Kanishka Sam «BuLba» Soseyl understands Dota 2. Kaipi may rise to the level-2 shooting team. I do not know what to think about the OG with Anatanom «Ana» Pham, but all around are confident that he will be able to adapt to the professional stage, because at one time it was possible Aleve «w33» Omar Saeed Samailu «SumaiL» Hassan and other players from matchmaking . I think that, if necessary, four seasoned pros will be able to adjust to Anatai ".

About Team Secret problems 2014-2015 season

"We came to The International 2015 favorite status, so that pinned great hopes on us. All the five are paying a lot of time studying the strongest team, and you have to constantly come up with something new in order to stay on top. Unfortunately, sooner or later, opponents still have unraveling. Heavily hyped conflict between Arteezy and Kuro «KuroKy" Salehi Tahasomi - a consequence of our bad performance, not its cause. "

On the prospects of the current roster of Clement «Puppey» Ivanova

"It is difficult to say whether this will set a good pro team. Players have a high individual skills and the Clement - a wonderful captain, but the language barrier is an obstacle on the path to success. However, do not expect anything from them are impressive, and it can help them. "