VG.CyberZen won on eXTREMESLAND ZOWIE Asia [CS:GO]

26 September 2016

From 22 to 25 September in China has passed a major LAN-tournament for 16 teams of Asia. Participants not only fought for the title, but also the total of $ 100 000 prize fund At the end of the event turned out to be stronger than all the local team VG.CyberZen.

It is worth noting the absence of the best on the result of the domestic championship teams in the region - TyLoo. This weekend, she visited another LAN in China - CS: GO Super League in 2016, which successfully took first place, won $ 30,000 and qualified for the 2016 IeSF World Championship and the China Cup 1. Therefore, VG.CyberZen, as a direct competitor to TyLoo China was one of the main favorites to win the 2016 eXTREMESLAND ZOWIE Asia.

In addition VG.CyberZen visited Shanghai and the Australian team Renegades, the players who are now based in the US. It is these two teams reached the grand finale of the event, which was stronger than the Five Chinese representatives "kangaroo country", beating them with a score of 2: 1 on the cards. We should also highlight the leader Vici Gaming - Bean «Savage» Liu, who played three cards made 79 kills and 33 came in on statistics.

Initially, the teams were divided into four groups of four teams each, where played for GSL system. The undisputed leader of the team said quartets became VG.CyberZen and Renegades, as well as the notorious The Mongolz and All Gamers. These were joined by representatives of various countries, ranked second in the group - MVP Project, Team nxl, MiTH and Dreamscape.

The distribution of the prize fund:

VG.CyberZen - $ 40,000

Renegades - $ 20,000

The Mongolz / dreamScape - at $ 8000

The participants of the quarterfinal matches received $ 4000, and the rest of the teams went for $ 1000