Steam comes off step of Origin? The new update for users

26 September 2016

Few weeks later Valve will release an update that will improve the service Steam digital distribution of computer games. Home Steam upgraded visually and receive several new sections.

Start update "List Steam Discovery», you will be given a more organized store page Steam, based on an individual approach and recommendations. During the time after updating Steam Discovery Valve back to the discussion of features and capabilities have improved game search, which certainly will appeal to the user. Developers believe that progress in this area is of great value to support a wide variety of simple and complex games, and better meet the tastes polzovatelya.Valve working on a list of changes to continue to improve in this area. This list may vary depending on user feedback, as long as the developer offers to get acquainted with the basic provisions of the forthcoming update:

Visual update the home page:

Home Steam visually upgraded to use gaming Larger add new ways to display games and remove unnecessary visual page load.

Additional navigation in the left column:

In the left navigation column on the home page to add a new section with links to important pages of new releases, best sellers, most recently updated games, upcoming releases and special offers. When you sign in, you'll also find links to interesting you sections: games, popular among friends, recommendations your favorite curators and your list of recommendations.

Active friends:

To the main page by adding a new important section "Popular among friends", which will indicate what kind of games purchased and ran your friends.

Bestseller among new releases:

To the main page by adding a new section with the newly released games that are included in the list of leaders on sales.

Universal user preferences:

Added a new ability to specify preferences for the types of products that people want to see on the main page as a whole, rather than to deal with each heading separately. This allows users to eliminate the possibility of the appearance of the home page and a few pages of viewing these types of products, such as early access games, software, video games and virtual reality.