Preview BlizzCon 2016. The guide for the viewers

26 September 2016

Enchanting festival BlizzCon gaming industry in 2016 by Blizzard Entertainment kicks off on November 4 in sunny Anaheim, California campus. It will last 2 days and will cover all the major games franchises, Blizzard. As usual, the audience will gorgeous concert hall Anaheim Convention Center.

The construction of the Arena is worth $ 114 million in 2016 prices

Let me remind you, BlizzCon video games festival held since 2005 and held only in 2006 and 2012. In 2015, it was attended by about 25 thousand spectators. A ticket for 2 days playing orgasm is worth $ 199 dollars.

Someone visits of BlizzCon (or watching broadcast) for the cosplay contest (costume Blizzard game characters), someone happy to win in-game items in numerous competitions. We are interested in the first component of eSports. This year, in addition to standard championships StarCraft II, World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone Championship will take place and Overwatch - Overwatch World Cup.

BlizzCon 2016 Teaser

It should be noted that almost every BlizzCon announcements are outstanding gaming industry, which determine the next year. So at BlizzCon 2010 it has been presented as a separate DOTA map for StarCraft II. And last year - Overwatch and sixth addition World of Warcraft: Legion. On the closing day are usually the top stars of show business. In 2015, Linkin Park closed the festival.

Player StarCraft II "Life" won the Championship in 2014 (before it was banned for match-fixing)

Each eSports discipline BlizzCon 2016 will hold a preliminary matches to determine the strongest in the framework of the Opening Week. This year it will be held 26-31 October 2016.

# World of Warcraft Arena World Championship

Prize budget: $ 250 thousand dollars
Number of participants: 8 teams
When to watch: October 28

European regional round will be held October 2 - In order to determine the three finalists from Europe to the World of Warcraft Arena Regionals September 30.

# Heroes of the Storm Fall Global Championship

Prize pool: $ 1 million
Number of participants: 12 teams
When to watch: October 26-28

Tournament participants will determine the 8 finals of the Cup Heroes of the Storm.

# Hearthstone World Championship

Prize fund: $ 1 million
Number of participants: 16 players
When to watch: October 26-30

Pre-tournament opening week will determine the top eight for the finals of the championship.

# StarCraft II World Championship Series Global Finals

Prize budget: $ 500 thousand dollars
Number of participants: 16 players
When to watch: October 27-29

Only the top eight players in the final passes BlizzCon 2016.

# Overwatch World Cup 2016

Prize fund: Not provided
Number of participants: 16 teams of 6 players (including Russia)
When to watch: October 29-31

Offline-tournament will determine the top eight teams. Europe will present six teams.

Yuri Donchenko