Marcelo "coldzera" David and his tattoos. [CS:GO]

26 September 2016

Champion of the world as part of SK Gaming - Marcelo «coldzera» David - shared information about the tattoos that adorn his body. Some of them represent his successes on the professional stage Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

One of the tattoos I filled his chest. This is the date of birth of my parents. I filled her in February of this year. When I showed it to his parents, his father at first was not thrilled, but then got used to it.

The second tattoo - a symbol of my family in the US, which includes Lincoln «fnx» Lau, Wilton «zews» Prado and two more close to me man. Each of us has such. The arrow indicates the friendship forever.

The third tattoo symbolizes love. I think everyone needs it. I stuffed it in honor of his girlfriend, who was with me when I applied to this figure:

The image symbolizes the AWP dream - my first victory in the major-tournament and the first time I became MVP of the championship. This is a special graffiti from the CS: GO - similar in the game there are only three. For me it's just an amazing event. I often think of that game.

In Cologne, I became the champion for the second time. But the only time that rewarded his graffiti, was a performance of Alexander «s1mple» Kostyleva. Of course, I would be happy to get one more graffiti, because it will be in the game forever. But more important than the victory in the championship. So I am happy in that position.

Yes, I plan to get a new tattoo. It's a surprise, and it is also connected with my playing career, but I need to discuss it with my mother as a sign of respect for her. I will not do a tattoo without telling his family about it.

I decided to do another tattoo because you only see, and it will remind me of how far I went with my team.