Ranking Top 10 teams on Overwatch Open

27 September 2016

Already this Friday, we will learn the Champion. September 30 will be held the Grand Final Overwatch Open tournament. The winner will receive $ 100 thousand dollars and the title of the strongest in the tournament Turner Sports. A live webcast of the duel of two of the strongest clubs in the world will be held at the corporate channel TBS. Also CybBet.com will broadcast the dramatic course of the fight.

The US team has played its regional group stage. Defeated expected Team EnVyUs, without losing a single match. Why? See our Top 10 ranking below.

# 10 Team Dignitas

Speech Dignitas on Atlantic Showdow left a lot of questions for the game, but the roster is still one of the strongest in Europe. The top ten on the Overwatch Open this team was not in the least because the most experienced player at the position of Tank and Shotcaller Seb "numlocked" Barton, who is known for his very aggressive style of play.

# 9 Luminosity Gaming

Luminosity - one of those teams over the past few months, which has progressed in improving their game on all. and this despite the fact that their former roster transferred to NRG. The new lineup, which previously acted as 2sTroNK, was able to achieve decent results under LG flag very fast. That they came out of the first Group D in the European qualification Overwatch Open, ahead of Team Dignitas.

Group B European group stage Overwatch Open, where besides Luminosity Gaming play Misfits, Rogue and ANOX, - one of the toughest of the tournament. However, LG have a chance of passing on.

# 8 FaZe Clan

New mixed composition FaZe now stands in the European region. They lost 3: 2 Cloud9 in August Alienware Monthly Melee, but unexpectedly topped Group B at Overwatch Open qualifying.

DPS players, George "ShaDowBurn" Gushcha and Eric "TwoEasy" van Hoorn able to bring rustling on any team championship in Atlanta. They have perfected the individual game and the ability to adapt quickly to complex maps.

Finally, Group A, which hit FaZe Clan team with REUNITED, NiP and Team Dignitas, it is communicating. Especially achievable is to win at Dignitas.

# 7 Misfits

"Nonconformists" updated roster after unsuccessful performance at Gamescom. Nikolaj "Zaprey" Ian Moyes left, and Andreas "Nevix" Karlsson moved to the DPS position. At the same time, Michael "Hidan" Da Silva (Mikaël Da Silva) try yourself in a support. Nicholas "Skipjack" Rosada could not get on Overwatch Open, in its place the tank to play Ruben "ryb" Ljungdahl.

This is a very talented team, albeit in a difficult position in the heavy Group B.

# 6 Fnatic

Fnatic played in the tournament brightly Atlantic Showdown. And Overwatch Open they won Group B without a single loss. Second place after Team EnVyUs Playoff in American round - quite a strong position for the club.

# 5 Ninjas in Pyjamas

NiP - dynamically growing strength of the European eSports scene Overwatch. Finns are known for their use of 3 tanks and 3 tech support. This trend is entered in the classics as "3*3" or "the NiP strategy."

If you look at the contenders in Group A, they have already played with REUNITED on Lenovo Cup Grand Final and won 3:0.

# 4 Cloud9

Fnatic - Eternal opponent C9 - has proved that as long as they are stronger. Cloud9 released the second of Group B American round Overwatch Open, not losing to Fnatic any map.

# 3 Rogue

Rogue surprised all the professional gaming scene when defeated Cloud9, Team EnVyUs and REUNITED at Gamescom.

Groups of the European Round Overwatch Open

No wonder bookies with CybBet.com Rogue put on the first place on the strength of the Group in the European round. After this they became champions for 2016 ESL Overwatch Atlantic Showdown - Gamescom.


In August REUNITED sponsors steel ZOWIE and Sennheiser Gaming. They were second in the Atlantic Showdown and Lenovo Cup and have enough power to defeat not only the Group A Overwatch Open, but also the entire tournament.

# 1 Team EnVyUs

On the first line of our rating is deserved this American team. The number of won trophies up to ten. They deservedly won the American round of group selection. The odds of winning at Overwatch Open in Team EnVyUs - maximum.

Yuri Donchenko