ODEE: "I want to get the public recognition of eSports"

27 September 2016

The former owner of Team Dignitas - Michael 'Odee' O'Dell - said the acquisition of the British company and Team Apex basketball club "Philadelphia Seventy Sixers' changes in the structure of the e-sports multigaming and 2000s in an interview Slingshot Esports.

On the purchase of Team Dignitas «Philadelphia Seventy Sixers"

"I was contacted late last year. Our negotiations lasted about 9 months. We explained to investors subtleties eSports industry and coordinated details. The deal came as part of Apex Gaming on the League of Legends. The new owners have not yet fully understand eSports, but they have a lot of plans. Support for an entire group of investors will ensure that our players will be all to succeed. "

About eSports 2000s

"We created the organization in 2003, and then just wanted to find a couple of hundred pounds for a trip to the LAN-tournament. We had to use your credit card to cover our costs. Fortunately, the rapid growth of e-sports has changed the situation for the better. At my age were good times and bad; We came across people who were trying to make a quick profit on e-sports and leave the industry. Today's deal - something incredible. "

On the permutations in the management of Team Dignitas and Apex

"I will continue to serve as president of Team Dignitas. Former CEO of Apex Michael Slaney will take the same position in our organization, and it will be vice-president. We will develop the brand Team Dignitas, instead Apex ».

On the importance of investments in the industry of sports clubs

"Many people are still wondering:" What is eSports? ". This is natural, because the computer sport remains a new phenomenon, which is in dire need of a little more developed infrastructure. The arrival of "Philadelphia Seventy Sixers" will help me to achieve what I was trying to achieve all these years - eSports receiving public recognition. "