FIFA Interactive World Cup: Real Madrid and Manchester City in the list of participants

27 September 2016

Guide FIFA Interactive World Cup has announced the preliminary list of players in the tournament. According to the plans of the organizers, the competition will take part in the virtual football players "Bavaria", "PSG", "Real" and other clubs that have not yet announced their cyber compositions.

As reported by journalists The Esports Observer, a leak occurred during the presentation of FIFA Interactive World Cup. The slide of the tournament with 12 football clubs were represented, but only half of them have officially announced the opening of cyber units at the time of presentation. In particular, their virtual footballers have already submitted "West Ham United", "Valencia", "Manchester City", "Wolfsburg", "Schalke 04" and "Sporting".

Judging by the slide of the presentation, the organizers of the FIFA Interactive World Cup is also expected to confirm the participation of football clubs such as "Bavaria", "Genoa", "Paris Saint-Germain", "PSV" and "Real Madrid". While none of these teams did not declare their interest in eSports.

That the tournament is expected to take place in 2017 in London, but the organizers have not yet announced the details of the event. In it will take 12 players participated FIFA, representing professional football clubs. The prize pool of $ 200,000.