Gambit Gaming are searching for a coach for CS: GO-ended

28 September 2016

Organization Gambit Esports opened position of head coach CS: GO composition. In addition to an excellent knowledge of the discipline and competitive eSports scene, the candidate must have a university degree and fluent in Russian and English languages.

The duties of the chief coach of the composition enters the selection and training of players, development of training programs and tactical plans for the upcoming matches, as well as the performance of other orders of the club. A full list of duties and requirements for candidates are available on the website of the organization.

According to management, the first half of the year came to Gambit eSports unsuccessful. Despite the goal to enter the top 10 of the best teams in the world, on the MLG Major Championship: only 9-12 was replaced by GO composition and was able to qualify in the ESL One Cologne 2016. As a result, the team left the head coach Alexander: Columbus in March 2016 CS «beAst» Yakovlev, and the whole of August and September carried out his duties analyst Rustam «TSaGa» Tsaholov.

In addition, three members of last week's CS: GO staff, speakers at the European qualifying for the World Championships in of The national team of Kazakhstan, were disqualified for 24 months from participating in the TWC. Recall that in the match against the French team at the Eugene account «zLex» Kim played Michael «Dosia» Stolyarov. The result of the match was canceled, and the Kazakh team received a disciplinary sanction.

Gambit Esports not leave this incident without attention and fined Mikhail Stolyarov and two more of their players to play for Kazakhstan - Dauren «AdreN» Kystaubaeva and Rustem «mou» Telepova. One-third of the monthly salary competitive players will go to charity.

Finally, Gambit Esports fails to appear for the second match of the season with ESC Dev.League GODSENT and later announced withdrawal from the tournament.

Acceptance of applications will run until 11 October. In addition to the resume should send a cover letter and additional materials to help organizations understand how well the candidate understands the strategic component of the game.