Team EnVyUS change their CS: GO-structure?

28 September 2016

Former editor in chief of the French portal - Guillaume «neL» Ratier - on his page on twitter posted a number of rumors about the most renowned French teams - EnVyUs and G2 Esports. The main theme is a possible kick Timothy «DEVIL» Demolona of EnVyUs.

According to the former editor Timothy place «DEVIL» Demolona takes an experienced French player - Christophe «SIXER» Xia. Recall that Xia played for Team EnVyUs at the last finals SL i-League StarSeries Season 2 as a substitute Nathan «NBK» Schmitt, who stayed at home because of his brother's wedding. Thus he SIXER already joined the ranks of EnVyUs on site.

Rathje also does not exclude the possibility of a large French reshafla after future major-tournament from ELEAGUE organizers. This is due to the fact that the players G2 Esports contracts expire in February 2017, while the representatives of EnVyUs - in December 2016 or January 2017. The ELEAGUE Major scheduled for 22-29 January and French teams still have to get it through the LAN-final qualification.

"Last night came to me a lot of rumors about what will replace SIXER DEVIL in EnVyUs. I have no evidence of this. Perhaps that's true.

"For those who are interested: as far as I know, G2 contracts have come to an end in February, players Agreement EnVyUs - in December-February The ideal time to reshafla after major-tournament.?"

"I have proof that the DEVIL will be kicked from EnVyUs. SIXER looks the most likely candidate for a place in the composition. In any case, the announcement will take place before the finals WESG."

Possible composition Team EnVyUs:

Kenni «kennyS» Shrab

Dan «apEX» Madeskler

Vincent «Happy» Cervone

Nathan «NBK» Schmitt

Christophe «SIXER» Xia