Tips novice gamers. Execration's Midder Abed

28 September 2016

Abed "Abed" Yusop is only 16, and he was in the most famous Philippine team Execration for almost a year. He plays the position of Solo Middle, sometimes Carry. It was he, along with teammate and captain "Kim0" team is the basis of the team.

Abed at The International 2016

Abed began playing the pro-scene since 14 years. The Philippine DOTA-star has come into Execration on 10 February 2016. And although the star at the height of the pro-gamer is yet to come, he now has something to say novice gamers. When you have recently been on the other side of the professional scene, all the problems of transition to the sport can be seen particularly vividly. Abed reached MMR in 8000 August 6, 2016. He now has something to say to young talents from the pillboxes. For winning the tournament MPGL Southeast Asian Championship in September 2016 his team earned $ 30,000 dollars. His personal success rate in eSports is $ 7,405 dollars.

Abed for working with the mouse

Young player Abed Yusop agreed to an interview only after the approval of his father. And all the questions were originally agreed with the watchful father of a family. For Western and Russian reader it seems wonderful, but that is the reality of modern Philippines.

"When you have more recently on the other side of the professional scene, all the problems of transition to the sport can be seen particularly vividly"

- Many pro-gamers is some difficulty to admit parents about his dream. How did you get support in the family and go to a professional level?

Abed: My family supported me in a game of DOTA since the beginning. We discussed in a fairly free manner balance of the game and my study and come to an agreement. I think the most important part of my career is the discipline and responsibility. Also, I was able to achieve such a solid game form with the support of peers and colleagues.

Abed - eighth in the popularity rating of the world DOTA players

- What did you do before the pro-career in Execration?

Abed: play different games: Counter-Strike, World of Warcraft, Ragnarok, and of course DOTA 1. Due to the rising popularity of this game I, subsequently, relatively quickly achieved high results.

- What are the most important characteristics should have midfielder "Midder" in DotA?

Abed: The most important feature of a good Midder is versatility and flexibility. It must be able to fill all the positions on the high level. Midder should dominate even on a losing card and respond to the opportunities offered by his teammates and opponents.

"Midder should be able to play in all positions at the highest level"

- Can you say something about your current roster?

Abed: Kimo, our captain, is always very active, energetic, even a lot. He has a big responsibility for their actions in the game. DJ - a calm personality. Despite his success, he was very humble, kind and sympathetic to the rest of the team. At the same time, and Gabbi Rappy - typical teenagers. They love to have fun, but very serious when it comes to games.

A rare interview Abed @ TI6

- Sorry for the simple last question. What is your favorite fruit?

Abed: Grapes (laughs)

Yuri Donchenko