Kyle "Swindlemellonz" Friedman: "Moo offered a contract for without much thought"

30 September 2016

Captain compLexity Gaming - Kyle «Melonzz» Fridman - said in the next release of a podcast on EpiChats speech team at The International in 2016, the updated structure of the organization and the relationship with his former teammates. leads the most interesting statements of the American.

On new teammates

"David "Moo" Hull we have signed without hesitation. I have heard of Digital Chaos players, they want to replace David Hull «MoonMeander» Tana, another The Summit 5. I was a human being sorry for him, but I was happy to provide an opportunity to invite the Moo in our ranks. Justin «justin» Rosselli recommend just Moo. I like the Romanians and immigrants from Eastern Europe, because they are industrious and motivated Americans. Mihai «canceL ^^» Antonio was no exception. justin and cancel ^^ - good Daughtery who simply lacks the experience."

The plans for the new season

"We peretrudilis exercising 5-6 days a week before the qualification for ESL One Manila in 2016 and the local major-tournament. This time the team will be very tense the first few months and begin to diligently practice the five of us, when there will be more tournaments. At the same time some people are still playing a lot. Looking forward to a trip to Montreal to Northern Arena BEAT Invitational, and the other's Event on the horizon is not visible. "

The incident at The Manila Major in 2016 and the disintegration of the former composition

"Looking through the replays on the eve of the match against Team Empire at the final major-tournament of the season, we came across one thing in any case should not have to do against this team. As a result of this error, and we admitted, and then simply gave a winning card. Exodus brought me into a stupor. I stood up and shouted that after this we should be ashamed to call themselves Daughtery. Then I left the room, calmed down and went back. Of course, not everyone fell like my act. Then I burst out because calm watching the match record, we did not help: wanted to stir up children. Affected another difference in mentality: American coaches expressed firmly against the athletes, and here it is in order. I have nothing to add to the story of Simon «Handsken» Haag resignation Swedish legionaries. We remained friends, although recent setbacks have left their mark. The last five days before their departure, all the Five hanging out together. "

On the other collectives

"All the teams from the CIS-region look interesting, because you never know what to expect from them. Very strong will EHOME, Team Liquid (if Kanishka Sam «BuLba» Soseyl not nafidit), Newbee and Evil Geniuses. The final will be very difficult to fail: it is necessary only to make similarity pools heroes Arthur «Arteezy» Babayev and Samal Saeed «SumaiL» Hassan did not create problems composition. The Alliance should simply cease to farm instead of finishing off the enemy in the pour. "

On the career prospects of a professional player in Dota 2

"Here me now 24. There is no diploma, no experience in other areas, with the exception of the work at the bar. As a result, attractive offers outside the eSports is not expected. What to do? One could write a Twitch, asking the company to attach the ex-pro, but I did not like that option. I decided to continue playing, but I'm still worried about the future. At the head is the action Aghanim's Scepter 80 heroes and creeps damage by shooting 2 towers, but useful if this knowledge in 40 years? Do they contribute to personal growth? "