Captain Natus Vincere Denis seized: We have enormous potential

30 September 2016

Denis "seized" Kostin plays for Natus Vincere for three years, but has recently been appointed as in-game leader of the team (IGL). This happened after the recent restrictions on the work of team coach by Valve during matches.

Current members of Natus Vincere (Ukraine)

Now the coach according to the new requirements may make recommendations to the players in the warm-up just before the match, during breaks and during timeouts. Recall, Valve introduced a new four timeouts to 30 seconds on 1 map in official matches of CSGO-competition. Through these innovations Natus Vincere has changed the role players. Now Olexander "s1mple" Kostyliv plays as the second AWP-player, succeeding Denis Seized, which will focus on leadership functions. On the role of the first AWP sniper is the main star of Natus Vincere - Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovacs, which today takes №10 in the rating of the world CSGO-players (and second, if not the first place in the AWP sniper position).

Tweet of Olexander "s1mple" Kostyliv

CSGO.Natus Vincere team started this season not very successful, taking the last place on the home tournament StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 2 in Kyiv. However, tonight Born to Win a chance to show the world who is who on the New York ESL One: New York in 2016 in a match against old rival Team Liquid. Watch the match live on Beginning today, September 30 at 21:45.

Coefficients for the match by NaVi - 1.34, Team Liquid - 2.75

Denis seized already in the role of team captain gave the first interview.

- In the run-up in Kyiv StarLadder your coach Sergei "starix" Ischuk said you were training for 7-8 hours per day. Why do not you get?

seized: This was our starting the tournament with a new player s1mple composed. Everyone expected a super performance, the whole team was under tremendous pressure, everyone was afraid to make a mistake. We do not show their game because of these factors.

10th and 11th place in the ranking of Top-15 players in the CSGO-world take players Natus Vincere

- At first, when I came s1mple, he played Zeus's position as a support, but then moved on to your position as the second sniper AWP. How you reacted to this change of position?

seized: It is always hard when something changes, what you've been strong for so long. We tried to find our best combination, and these efforts are ongoing. I changed roles with Olexander s1mple, because he could not so long to focus on its primary responsibility in-game leader IGL at 100%. Only one player - Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo can play as a god by doing two things at once. Being a sniper and keep everyone on sight, at the same time coordinating the other, it is a difficult task.

"We have enormous potential, but we are not yet ready to show it to the world. Now is the time for each of us to work on all 200%"

Official portrait of Denis "seized" Kostin

Yuri Donchenko