5FRAGS will protect Russian flags on ieSF 2016

30 September 2016

Representatives of the International e-Sports Federation announced the list of 21 participants of their upcoming event e-Sports World Championship. The event will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia, from 6 to 9 October. Representing Russia will be a little-known team 5FRAGS.

This year, CS: GO will be first presented at the tournament by IeSF. Earlier in the list of disciplines attended StarCraft II, but the organizers decided to replace the real-time strategy on the shooter said. Also present among disciplines and League of Legends Hearthstone. Event prize pool of $ 20,000.

Since the same number will pass two more prestigious championship - European finals WESG and The World Championships 2016 - most famous teams abandoned the prospects visit Indonesia to participate in the eighth e-Sports World Championship. In addition to the Russian team 5FRAGS among the participants is to provide TyLoo and ENCE eSports, which have a good chance of triumph in Jakarta.

Composition 5FRAGS:

Cyril «PLAZ» Sidorov

Ruslan «spyn» Kalakov

Anton «Koshak» Platko

Alexander «Foga» Romanenko

Diamond «almazer» Assadulin

Full list of participants IeSF e-Sports World Championship 2016:



ENCE eSports