76ers acquired a stake in a company in the e-sports

01 October 2016

Basketball club "Philadelphia Seventy Sikserz", which is one of the oldest franchises in the NBA, once bought two cyber organization - Team Dignitas and Apex Gaming. Team Dignitas in particular needs no introduction: British organization founded in September 2003, starred in a wide variety of disciplines, and on account of its many different trophies. Apex Gaming eSports also appeared on the radar relatively recently, but has managed to break into the big leagues of North America by League Of Legends.

It should be noted that Team Dignitas will retain its name, while the Apex Gaming will be playing under the tag Team Dignitas. However, neither of which autonomy and independence in the management of not talking, "Sikserz" will be engaged in daily operational activities of their cyber assets.

If someone interested in the amount of the transaction, it is not disclosed, but ESPN argue that a cyber-known brands are estimated at between $ 5 to $ 15 million. The main plus for eSports from this deal is that Team Dignitas have access to unique marketing experience and large production capacity. Do not be surprised if, for example, will be debugged production command form, and any fan of the team simply forgets about the deficit merchandise. It is still there are situations where the fans have to wait for the new party.

The output of sports organizations in the eSports market - the real trend in 2016. It is possible that in the near future we will learn about a few more transactions.