Riot Games and the first conflicts with the teams [League of Legends]

01 October 2016

The conflict in the eSports part of League of Legends game between the publisher and owner of the team continues to heat up. We already wrote about the skirmish Director General of Riot Games and the host Team SoloMid, which criticized the current policy of the organization of tournaments and relations with sponsors. Now, however, the publishers of the popular MOBA games have amassed himself another enemy in the person of Chris Shima, the owner of the organization Team Dragon Knights. The Esports Observer has called trick Riotsamym imprudent behavior of the company.

This spring, TDK decided to change players with Renegades Americans, completely unaware that this idea will be the beginning of huge problems. Some time ago, Riot Games Renegades accused of fraud, and therefore deal with Team Dragon Knights seemed to them a large part of the illegal machinations. Relevant documents, urging non-participation in the Team Dragon Knights to suspicious transactions were sent later and Riot nothing left, how to recognize a transfer. However, after the match with the new composition of the TDK APEX team when the latter complained about the wrong visa and Shim in a conversation with a representative of Riot Games pointed to this fact, the relationship between the leader and publisher TDK League of Legends deteriorated again.

Riot management decided to check again the organization to suspicious activities in collaboration with the Renegades, namely, to provide evidence that the teams are not merged. Chris Shim and his brother Sean, who is co-owner of the TDK, provided all the necessary evidence, after which representatives Riotizvinilis for his excessive suspicion and even "fraternized" with Chris, who after such a gesture expressed hope for further fruitful cooperation. As for the APEX team, Riot were quick to release an explanation of the current situation, mentioning that "the visa approved, but did not finish," but have not decided the players problem.

However, despite all the assurances of the Riot removing suspicion from TDK and Renegades, the investigation continued. Team Dragon Knights and Renegades made another barter, repealing the previous deal - the players wanted to return to their former organization. This action Riotposchitali harming competition in the professional stage and again attracted TDK accountable. Shim has admitted that the question of the merger of organizations really stood out as TDK lost the main sponsor in the person of the MSI, but the two sides have not reached an agreement. Owner TDK said that he spoke with the proposal not only to the Renegades, and the transaction conditions would not differ from the deal with any other team. Despite all the evidence provided by the transparency of intentions Team Dragon Knights, it did not save them from the cruel decision to ban Riot and Renegades, iTeam Dragon Knights to challenge the prohibition decision until 2019. However, on the issue of providing evidence of the involvement of the home team to the illegal machinations, publishers refused, and Shim brothers still have not seen the relevant documents.