These are the friends should be in every [Dota 2]

01 October 2016

Surely this summer will give you a lot of unforgettable moments. But the American guy named Koleton lucky at times less - he was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma. This disease affects the lymph nodes of a person, causing breathing becomes labored, and coughing brings a wild pain. Koletonu doubly unlucky: his stage of the disease is the most rare and occurs mostly in the elderly. Of course, to cope with the illness alone is incredibly difficult, but then the Americans came to the aid of his loyal friends.

They organized to raise funds for a new computer for Koletona that their friend could be distracted from the heavy chemotherapy and to devote his spare time favorite game Dota 2. In just one week, the community donated the fabulous sum - $ 2800! To prove that money is not wasted, the guys posted the video, which was captured in the process of buying, building, and giving Koletonu computer. Roller received a lot of feedback from the community on Reddit with the wishes of a speedy recovery and other kind words addressed to the patient.

Koleton himself admitted that he is very glad to have such loyal friends:

"The care and attention of my friends completely changed my attitude to chemotherapy and recovery from it. I hope that my example will inspire everyone who is experiencing very serious difficulties in their lives. Do not treat your friends as givens. Do not hesitate to write them just to talk. Even the usual wish good morning can radically change your whole day."

Note that this is not the first time that the favorite game of helping people in the struggle against this kind of severe disease like cancer. After winning The International 6 Wings Gaming visited his fan with leukemia, named Wang Hao in his hometown of Chongqing. They sacrificed him some money to the prize money and left the warm healing themed wishes.