In France eSports recognized as an official sport

01 October 2016

In early November 2015 the French Ministry of Culture has taken the initiative to recognize eSports at the state level. After eleven months of the French Senate approved the bill and unanimously adopted a resolution on the recognition of eSports in France as an official sport.

French Secretary of State for the digital technologies Axel Lemaire said that this decision was made in conjunction with the Ministry of Sports, and online conference was opened on the Internet, where every user can ask a question, leave your comments and feedback.

In accordance with Article 38 on the recognition of eSports in France as an official sport computer sport in this country equate to sporting events to check for possible violations, reassure parents and provide economic stability eSports industry. France's leaders to resolve remaining minor formalities.

The bill has passed several stages of discussion and has been approved by users on the Internet. In 42 article contains two sections dedicated computer competitions and games of chance. According to them, eSports in France became an independent economic unit, separated from the sphere of gambling.

With the adoption of the bill is missing a problem with obtaining visas for professional competitive players. Also, the government will closely monitor the implementation of laws and punish unscrupulous cyber championships organizers, who do not pay the prize in due time.