MarsTV Dota 2 League - Evil Geniuses winners

02 October 2016

In the final MarsTV Dota 2 League 2016 Autumn meet Newbee and Evil Geniuses. Triumphant tournament is determined in a series of best-of-5.

In the initial map Newbee sends its triple headed by Luna in a complex line, but in spite of this game starts very calmly. The first major fight going on only at the 12th minute, which wins the EG two to zero. It is evident that Newbee not ready yet to take the fight than the "evil genius" and enjoy: they go to the enemy base and with the help of the golem Warlock'a demolished shooting 3-tower.

Although netvorsu and experience of the team are on a par. After winning a couple of minor collisions Newbee feels self-confidence and begins to run across the map meshing EG players one by one, and in the 42nd minute, takes a "cheese" Rocha. Aegis allows the Chinese team come on haygraund enemy and the price of its two core characters-carry center line. The game is delayed. EG making another assault on the enemy base. UNiVeRsE on faceless void puts great chronosphere by three players Newbee and 58th minute wins this card for his team.

At the beginning of the second command maps show a neat game. There have small fights, but Omniknight by EG and Oracle from Newbee well with the protection of his teammates. In the 19th minute EG without resistance takes Roshan and blowing away the first tower for yourself. "The evil geniuses" are about 5000 netvorsu and Newbee relies on Terrorblade. EG takes second Roshan, comes on the top line on the opponent's base, making minus three and a half lines of blows, forcing a swim Newbee players. SumaiL on Spirit'e Storm begins to exceed the gods. Another unsuccessful fight against Newbee and they write «gg» in the 39th minute.