The composition of the French team at the TWC 2016

04 October 2016

Became known to the national team of France and Turkey The World Championships 2016. During the French national team players will perform FaZe Clan, LDLC, Millenium and Red Instinct. For Turkish - team members Space Soldiers, Dark Passage and Millenium.

Also Fabien «kioShiMa» Fe, part of the France team included Valentin «mistou» Balbastro Alexander «xms» Forte, Simon «Fuks» Florisak and Matthew «nonick» Kanёzi. During the Turkish national team will play Kagatay «DESPE» Sedef, Kan «XANTARES» Durtkardes, Ahmet «paz» Karahoka, Bugra «Calyx» Arkyn and Engin «MAJ3R» Pools.

The French were in the tournament instead of the national team of Kazakhstan. His team did not get to The World Championships 2016, as well as the rules infringed. According to regulations, all five members of the team should represent one country. In the match for the final slot on the LAN-final against France for the Kazakhs he played Russian Mikhail «Dosia» Stolyarov. Because of this, the Kazakhs disqualified despite winning the match.

Turkey received a slot for a victory in the Last Chance match against Belgium. National played a ticket to Australia, which was not able to collect the composition and refused to participate.

LAN-finals The World Championships 2016 will be held from 5 to 9 October. Eight national teams from Europe, America, Asia and Africa will arrive in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade, which will compete for a prize pool of $ 100 000. Phase playoffs will be held in the complex "Kombank Arena", which seats about 18 thousand spectators.

National team France

Fabien «kioShiMa» Fe

Valentin «mistou» Balbastro

Alexander «xms» Forte

Simon «Fuks» Florisak

Matthew «nonick» Kanёzi