Second five teams of Top-10 CSGO-ranking. Competition for each headshot

04 October 2016

Over the past month, the beginning of autumn 2016 we saw a significant change in the ranking of the leading clubs in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Thus, SK Gaming and Virtus.Pro maintain its leading position, but on the third place promptly broke Ukrainians from Natus Vincere. Their triumph in New York ESL One: New York in 2016 caused a rating of leaders nervous, because all paired matches they lost. Completing the top five top-10 teams in the world CSGO Ninjas in Pyjamas (Sweden) and Cloud9 (USA). The Swedes had a great start to the season, winning StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 2, and Cloud9 became inaccessible to competitors in the ESL Pro League Season 4 tournament - North America. Learn more about the top five teams read our review: "CSGO-October'16. Guide tournaments of the month"

Top 10 CSGO-Team as of September 2016 (HLTV)

At the bottom of the top 10 fighting for a place in the top more intense. If the leaders of the Top 3 is separated from the rest of the body 249 rating points, the difference between the remaining teams are at intervals of 20-30 points. We can say that every member of the top 10 will compete for the kill everyone, for every headshot to remain the best in the business.

"The difference between the parties to the bottom of the Top 10 is 20-30 points"

# 6 Team Liqiud (USA)

The updated lineup of the "liquid" after leaving s1mple

Oddly, perhaps, to see two American teams among the Top 6 rated best clubs in the world, but the Team Liquid deservedly included in this number. Team Liquid was very good ESL New York Summit One: New York in 2016, participated in the semi-finals and eventually finished 3-4-th place. Hiko and the company will also be able to look to the future and to get to the Finals ELEAGUE Season 2, if you win all the remaining matches of the tournament.

Not a bad debut Team Liquid with pimp

# 7 Team Dignitas (Denmark)

Top 10 has also two Danish teams: Team Dignitas - seventh, and Astralis close the top ten. dignitas nice autumn began in 2016 with the 3-4's seats on StarLadder S2 in Kiev and with the same result in Bucharest DreamHack Bucharest 2016. The Danes are now in the zone of contact with the Finals ESL Pro League Season 4 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. To consolidate the results they need and a solid game ELEAGUE Season 2 in the final part and EPICENTER 2016 which will take place very soon.

# 8 G2 Esports (France)

Roster best French team in the top

French jumped from fifth place to eighth and became the most disastrous team Top 10. Although starting the tournament in StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 2 Kiev was a very good performance, where they took second place losing only to champions Ninjas in Pyjamas from Sweden. In the future, they have worsened their results after playing 4-4 in ESL Pro League Season 4, and their chances for a trip to Brazil become illusory.

Always charismatic shox and ScreaM had a difficult month

On top of all the ills fallen upon the French in New York, they played very badly, losing Atrsalis, Team Liquid and OpTic Gaming. As a result, star of the G2 was in last place ESL One: New York 2016.

# 9 Team EnVyUs (France)

The roster of the second French team in ranking Top-10

Once the leader of all the tops and ratings are now at the bottom of our ranking, they are not even the best French team. The advantages can be written except win at the elite tournament Gfinity CS: GO Invitational. To get to Sao Paulo Team EnVyUs no chance with 27 points. Despite this, the French went on StarLadder quarter-finals and semi-finals in Kiev on DreamHack Bucharest 2016. In general, once the world's best team gets in a bit middling.

# 10 Astralis (Denmark)

Players Danish Astralis

The Danes played StarLadder Quarterfinal in Kiev and is likely to fall in the Finals ESL Pro League Season 4 in Brazil. But they have recently been at the top of the rankings, what happened to the ambitious kids who wanted to change almost the entire e-sports from top to bottom?

Whether there Astralis will be a way out of this situation?

Yuri Donchenko