fy: "I was told that I was not trying and I just rest on our laurels"

04 October 2016

After MarsTV Dota 2 League Autumn 2016 my comrades changed the tickets and flew to the gaming house, but I stayed because I had to visit a friend. Alone often thought about the current state of affairs, and I realized that I have something bothering. I'm used to keep things to yourself, but recently heard about the consequences of severe depression, and therefore decided to speak.

I can not say when it started, but rude to scold and call me became something commonplace for Chinese fans. After the match, I go to the various sites to see the comments of viewers and result in poor always accuse me. If we win, people will say that I am for the victory did nothing. This happened even after those matches in which I, in my opinion, made better than others. For I have never stood up: the Internet just rumors but insults. The situation is aggravated every day, and now I have almost learned to ignore cues fans.

Let's talk about the choice of heroes. When it started, I, we have achieved a lot. After the changes in the results deteriorated, and people began to look for the causes of this. Naturally, it's me! Characters began to take on another member of the five, but in our statements is affected negatively. After The International in 2016, I thought I could simply not be suitable for the role draftera, because it is easy to influence the comrades at me. You may want to stand back and give it at the mercy of someone else? We agreed on the candidacy of Zhou «Yang» Hayanga. Starting from scratch is not too bad, and I was able to concentrate on the game.

However, during the second day of MDL I was approached by one of the Vici Gaming managers and said that I'm not trying, I just rest on our laurels. That night, I have long pondered these words: I have heard a reproach not for the first time. But after going into Vici Gaming Reborn I diligently honed skill game on Chen'e, Bounty Hunter'e, Enchantress, Earth Spirit'e and Oracle. I think that this version of the popular characters - Shadow Demon, Kunnka, Elder Titan and Riki - I can also show a good level. I do not understand why people say that I did not grow. How can you behave so irresponsibly? Why is the representative of the organization said in the middle of the tournament? I uttered that I felt better. It is unlikely that I extend the contract with Vici Gaming. If you find a team that wants to speak with me - to join. No - I will take a break and rest. I'm tired.