Yaroslav "pasha" Yarzabkovski "Bad admit, at first, my wife paid for everything: the rent, for food"

04 October 2016

Player Virtus.pro - Jaroslav «pashaBiceps» Yarzabkovski - gave an interview men's magazine MAXIM, in which he spoke about the attitude of his wife to his work, and maintaining the balance between the CS: GO and sports. Yarzabkovski also gave some instructions to the younger generation.

- What does your wife think about what you're doing?

- When we first started dating, she dragged me along to Warsaw. And ashamed to admit, at first she paid for everything: the rent, for food. I was nothing, just sat and played. It worked, earned. Not very much, you know, you feel that your woman takes the place of men. In short, ten years ago, she said to me. "Go to work" Here in my head something clicked. Maybe, he thought, and the truth is it's time to quit all this. You sit here and do nothing. You wake up after noon, while your wife works from seven in the morning on his feet. But in the end I decided to stay where he was. He said it many times: "Believe me, the day will come and you will not have to work at all, I'll do everything." Now she sometimes apologizes for not having believed in me. She's proud of me.

- Acquired in-game skills help in life?

- Help, and more than once. Once in Germany, I visited my mother, we went for a walk. I notice the corner of the eye, a suspicious type pursues us. Go, and come after us. Once rolled, the two turned - not far behind. At some point, her mother said sharply curtail the alley. He lost us. I saw how he turns, looking for our eyes. Who knows what would have happened, I did not notice it at the time. There was another case: the father came to Warsaw to visit. We went to the airport, he was in a hurry, rebuilt and did not notice the car in the next lane. And I noticed - at the last minute had to warn him. Otherwise, the accident would have been avoided.

- You can be called a celebrity?

- I guess I do not know. In Poland, many people know me. Sometimes people on the street are delighted: vying to start asking questions, asking to be photographed. One day came a man of forty, my fan, loves to play. But the coolest? His son, too, was a fan of mine, and he has that day was my birthday. The man offered to record video greetings. I then told him, I remember, "pumped headshots, but do not forget about school." father Fortunately there was no limit. But there are people who do not know me - and then even more questions. "You earn on this? How-how much ?! ".