Which countries have just recognized eSports. List

14 December 2016

The international movement for the recognition of eSports continues. November 26, 2016, Finland became the 22nd country where eSports recognized as an official sport. The Finnish Federation of eSports (SUOMEN ELEKTRONISEN URHEILUN LIITTO) was accepted as an associate member of the Finnish Olympic Committee.

SEUL organization, which has long been working on the promotion of e-sports as a real sport, received the first recognition of the VALO (Finnish Sport Confederation). Later it directed its efforts to establish social relations and the positioning of e-sports, which resulted in making it to the Finnish Olympic Committee.

"Associate membership of the Finnish Olympic Committee - it is a strong and confident signal to the eSports Finland"
Joonas Kapiainen, Vice-President of SEUL

Also vice-president added that "now the eSports will close the whole sports community and create new opportunities for cooperation in e-sports and traditional sports."

The World Movement for the recognition of eSports began in South Korea, China and South Africa. Only in 2016 eSports recognized by Russia, Italy, Denmark and Nepal. In the process of recognition of another 24 nations, including Ukraine, Sweden, Austria, Argentina and Brazil. Among the CIS countries recognized eSports in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Tajikistan.

ContinentCountries where eSports recognized (22 nations)Countries where e-sports in the process of recognition (24 nations)
Asia (19 nations)China, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, Tajikistan, United Arab Emirates, VietnamMacau, Philippines, Singapore, Sri-Lanka, Thailand
Europe (18 nations)Azerbaijan, Finland, Georgia, Italy, RussiaAustria, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Israel, Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine
Africa (4 nations)Egypt, Namibia, South AfricaTunisia
America (3 nations)-Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica
Oceania (2 Nations)-Australia, New Zealand

IeSF as the International Federation of eSports founded August 8, 2008 on the 3rd International e-Sports Symposium in Busan, South Korea. Headquarter is in Seoul, South Korea. The organization includes as associate members in 46 countries around the world.

SEUL as a member of the International Federation of eSports IeSF now represents the Finnish gaming competitive players in the National Federation of Finland.

Yuri Donchenko