​Blog of the CIS region in the discipline of Dota 2

08 January 2017

Firstly, I want to say to the community and our team Virtus.pro wrong assessment. We are not guilty, because even Sneg'a eyes lit up after a series of successful performances from this team, what can we say about us. These performances at qualia to The Boston Major, ESL One Genting 2017, The Summit 6 just blew our minds!

We have seen the CIS hope, because we have all been sad - Showered with Na`Vi, Vega, Empire, and were themselves VP. Each Daughtery acquired Major'y hope to come, and this is to thank the VP, who after gave us a bunch of bright matches. However, their performance at The Summit finally blinded us, and we stopped to see the true picture. Plus, Lil pouring oil on the fire. Not surprisingly, now VP posypetsya pile of bile communications, because "the flame lit up the heavens" as a VP organization, and the players themselves, and us. So in the wrong assessment guilty without exception.

Secondly, I want to trace the VP game from the beginning to the present moment (01/08/2017) .Bezumnaya strategy with eager support service in conjunction with aggression surprised everyone and worked like a Swiss watch. Teams simply were not ready for such aggression. But qualia are over, and it was the first tournament for the VP - The Summit. I should note that the tournament itself is not a serious character. Yes, there are good prizes, but is unlikely to come to a serious game of the team, which are aimed at larger tournaments that reward have many times more. Hence, there is not a serious approach to the game, because the best way to relax before the big tournament than to sweat on it, and then sweat on a bootcamp and a track on that very big tournament.

For the VP as the tournament was more important than the others. On the importance of the tournament for the team with the VP could compete only Team Faceless. But if the latter failed immediately, our team shot and blinded not only all of us but ourselves. Overconfidence played a role. 2 heavy victory over Newbee in the group stage and over IG.V in play-off stage did not affect the alarm call. If the first team difficulties were predictable, then the second should be no problem, but alas. Further defeated by EG - and about the victory at The Boston Major can be forgotten. Well, after a month left before the ESL, and the team had to not only prepare for the new patch, but also to study their mistakes.

ESL has shown us that the preparations for the patch was successful, but the mistakes were not corrected. Even more than that, the game was VP mega-cohesive and timvork was at the height, but on ESL is that we can only see in the confrontation against the not-so-strong opponents - Fnatic. In other games it had some poplava. Even against the same NP decided on the first map more error NP, what a great game VP. And now - the final confrontation against the DC. Again, we see a decline. Again, not enough review detekshna and teamwork from the team. And this despite the fact that DC is not even used his signature characters.