​ESEA suffered from hacker hacking. These accounts have been lost in 1500 [CS:GO]

09 January 2017

An unknown hacker has gained access to the ESEA platform data. It contains personal information from profiles of 1.5 million players in the CS: GO. Account password on the ESEA website attacker did not get. Records of user data leakage ESEA appeared on the portal LeakedSource January 8. Among the victims, who have confirmed that their personal information into the hands of a hacker - Jimmy Uizenhant, one of the leaders strimingovogo service Twitch.

According to him, in addition to private data profiles attacker got Data on transactions, as well as phone numbers that have been used for two-factor authentication. As the representative of LeakedSource, in December 2016 he addressed to the attacker ESEA proposal to hire him for the vulnerability in the system for $ 50 thousand.

He also promised not to disclose information about the burglary. ESEA reported data leakage on December 27 but made no mention of extortion. On the same day the administrators to reset the password, two-factor authentication tokens and security questions for all users. ESEA platform for players in Counter-Strike appeared in 2003. Her ladders for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive involving thousands of players.

The owners also hold offline tournaments with prize money of tens of thousands of dollars. ESEA servers support an increased frequency of data exchange with the players, which is used in major tournaments: 128 queries per second against the standard 64. Since 2016 ESEA Premier League serves as a qualifying tournament for the ESL Pro League.