​Everything you need to know about Lincoln "fnx" Lau (ex-player SK) [CS:GO]

09 January 2017

One of the main events in the big Counter-Strike at the end of 2016 became Lincoln's care «fnx» Lau from SK Gaming. Lau is considered one of the most highly competitive players in Brazil. We tell you why. Lincoln «fnx» Lau is the award-winning Brazilian in eSports. Among his major achievements - first place at ESWC 2006, IEM III American Championship Finals, MLG Major Championship: Columbus and ESL One Cologne 2016. fnx began his career in 2003 when he was 13 years old. Even then, it was held open qualifying for the regional stage of World Cyber Games.

In 2005, the player visited his first international championship - WCG 2005 where as part GameCrashers won 13-16 (out of 48 participants). In 2006 fnx in the team Made in Brazil became the youngest winner of the ESWC, at that time, even the most prestigious tournament. At the moment of triumph he was 16 years and 153 days. MiBR victory at ESWC was the first big success for the Brazilian e-sports. On arrival at the home of Representatives MiBR long time recognized on the streets and asked for autographs.

During his career fnx earned more than $ 405 thousand is the second result in the Brazilian eSports after Gabriel «FalleN» Toledo -.. On account of his $ 411 thousand fnx owns two kinds of martial arts - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai (Thai boxing). As a child, Lau was actively involved in the relevant sections, and now continues to hone their skills on their own. Player said that the training helped him to stay focused and to release extra emotions.