​Vasily Kiknadze: "Thanks to the Internet e-sports is universal"

10 January 2017

Vasily Kiknadze, the former head of the TV channel "Sport", spoke about why he is interested in computer battles and that he was surprised at the professional competitive players. An excerpt from an interview with "Business Online».

About e-sports as a business

"[After leaving the federal TV] I commercialized. I put it on the forefront of their own interests and engaged in Internet and e-sports in general in particular. It can prohibit, close, put barriers and close the internet, but the popularity of eSports will only grow. Crazy efficiency in terms of return on investment.

And it is unpredictable for Success game publishers: who got into a wave acquired players that in the next 5-7 years can become a billionaire. This business has not sufficiently built up, not segmented, but pays dividends today. In addition, the e-sports work different principles monetization compared to traditional sports. And the audience is accustomed to pay. This is a big plus. "

That surprised eSports

"I recently engaged in this, another year had passed. I can not pretend to depth perception, but two things are pleasantly surprised. First, it turned out that many professional e-sports players - they are in a very good shape, not namby-pamby arachnids.

Among those with whom I communicate almost on a daily basis - the players, sambo, master of sports candidates. Second, thanks to the Internet e-sports is universal. In the sense that it has no boundaries. Its great advantage - in internationalism. The team may consist of Russian, Ukrainians and Belarusians - and no problems. "