​Reunited organization renounced its membership on Overwatch

10 January 2017

Reunited Organization reported that out of eSports. Leaders referred to the financial constraints, and the inability to participate in the Overwatch League. Multigaming already severed contracts with players in Overwatch and Rocket League. Message on the organization's website has confirmed the rumors that Reunited negotiated with the clubs from the traditional sports, but they failed.

Investors refused to invest in multigaming, when they learned that Blizzard is still not shared the details of the purchase of the system slots in the Overwatch League. equity at Overwatch Thomas «Morte» Kerbush already said that the players have decided to stay together and to join an existing organization. They also need to complement the roster: Reunited broke up with Stefan «ONIGOD» Fiskerstrand and Sergi «Winghaven» Torres 6 January.

ESports players in the future Rocket League, which decided to disband on January 8, unknown. Reunited organization based former Fnatic players Overwatch ended in January 2016. The team of Andrew «uNFixed» Leonov went into ESL Overwatch Atlantic Showdown final, lost to Afreeca Freecs Blue in the quarterfinals OGN Overwatch APEX Season 1 and finished last in the Overwatch Open.

Ingredients for Rocket League joined Reunited in September 2016. Players took the sixth place in the regular season of European Rocket League Championship Series and made their way to the World Cup via the play-offs.

Former composition Reunited at Overwatch:

  • Thomas «Morte» Kerbush
  • Hendrik William «vallutaja» Kinki
  • Andrew «uNFixed» Leonov
  • Harrison «Kruise» Pond