​The first details of IEM: Katowice 2017 [CS:GO]

11 January 2017

ESL Company disclosed the details of the upcoming Intel Extreme Masters World Championship Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It will be held in March 2017 in Katowice, which will host the competition for the fourth time. As in 2016, the competition has not received the status of major-tournament from Valve. At the final stage of the 11 tournaments IEM season 12 teams will come to CS:GO.

Eight of them will receive an invitation from the organizers, four regional qualification will be held. ESL has allocated three slots to European teams and one ticket to North America. Teams from some regions will be invited to the main stage is unknown. Participants were divided into two groups of six compositions. They will play a round robin with matches on a format best-of-1. The group winners will take place in the semi-finals, while teams that occupy the second and third lines, will compete for two places in the semi-final in-person duels to two victories.

The group stage will be held on March 1-2, the closed site, and the playoffs will be held in the complex "Spodek" on March 3-5. As in 2016, Valve has not provided IEM Katowice major-tournament status. The organizers will not be able to apply for financial support and increase the prize pool from the developers, and the output of the playoffs will not bring teams to the slot to the next "major". In addition, Valve does not release the stickers on game weapons, the proportion of sales which enters teams and the audience will not get containers with skins per-view matches.

The prize fund of the World Cup on the IEM CS:. GO is $ 250 thousand ESL not shared the distribution of the prize pool, but in the previous tournament winners received $ 100 thousand in the final Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2016 fnatic won Luminosity Gaming.. In addition to the standard $ 100 thousand. Players received $ 4 thousand. For success in the group stage.