​M19 manned part of the discipline League of Legends

11 January 2017

Organization M19 equipped the composition of the League of Legends for the season 2017. Kerry took the position of Yegor «VincentVega» Medvedev and Boris became coach «dayruin» Shcherbakov. Former mentor team stayed in eSports Club. Egor «VincentVega» Medvedev became the only Kerry ended because Vladislav «aMiracle» Sherbina moved to Natus Vincere in December.

Former head coach ended M19 Konstantin «Ansva» Tanchiki now assistant new coach and team manager. Rearrangements in the roster CyberSport.ru first reported, citing its own sources. Egor «VincentVega» Medvedev speaks at professional stage in 2013. He took second place at SLTV StarSeries I with Virtus.pro and reached the semifinal LCL Summer 2016 with Natus Vincere.

Boris «Dayruin» Shcherbakov coached Na'Vi composition salite in the summer, and before that played on the professional stage. In previous seasons, Boris was Kerry ended Hard Random, who moved to Moscow Five, later - the game Team Differential manager. Organization M19 returned to eSports in January 2017 and signed part of Albus NoX Luna. He won both the Continental League split in 2016 and went to the quarterfinals of the World Cup.

In addition to LCL slot players have a ticket to the IEM Season XI World Championship, where the team will fight with the best teams in the season finale and the winners from the qualifiers ESL.

The composition of the M19 command:

  • Dmitry «Smurf» Ivanov
  • Alexander «PvPStejos» Glazkov
  • Michael «Kira» Garmash
  • Egor «VincentVega» Medvedev
  • Cyril «Likkrit» Malofeev