Overview of commands CS:GO 2015.

02 October 2015

Today starts the final set PGL Season 1. Championship held in Bucharest in welcoming The Grand Cinema & More complex. On the giant screen of 22.5 by 12.5 meters Erika Hall hall of spectators waiting for an exciting game. On this occasion the team CybBet decided to present to our players this analytical review. Ranking teams is built on the achievements presented in official games Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

About CSGO:

Developer: Valve (US)

Release Date: August 21, 2012

License: Paid

Category: 3D Shooter 1-st Person

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Xbox360, PlayStation 3

Modes: Multiplayer, Single-User

Engine: Source

Controls: A keyboard, mouse, joystick

The premiere trailer for the game:

Rating TOP-20 professional teams in the world of CS:GO on October 1, 2015 version HLTV:

Project GT (Game-Tournaments) also regularly publish its ratings CSGO teams and as of this writing, it looked like:

# 1 Fnatic on the top

The Swedish team confidently holds the leading position, despite some losses in previous tournaments his closest rivals EnvyUs and Virtus.Pro. To confirm its rating they necessarily need to win the next tournament.

# 2 TSM number Two

Danes burst into second place thanks to the victories of the rating in the previous games ESL ESEA Invitational Dubai and DreamHack Open London. They received $ 23.7 thousand. For winning the Counter Pit League, dropping the final Virtus.Pro and EnvyUs.

# 3 EnVyUs takeoff

EnVyUs earned the most points in the last 10 major tournaments. They won DreamHack Open London, IEM Gamescom, Gfinity Champion of Champions.

It should be noted that the gap between the first trio of teams is so small that any of them could take any desired prize.

At the same time, if we evaluate the ratings throughout the year for months, the schedule will be:

Among the leaders of the Top 20 points on speed dial should indicate the team Vexed (Poland) with the raising of their team ranking by 5 points and G2 - +3. The worst is the dynamics shows HellRaisers (Ukraine) -7. The rest of the team played rovnenko their weight zones.

Yuri Donchenko