BlizzCon is getting closer!

08 October 2015

Fans of Heroes of the Storm in horror. November 6, the annual feast of epic BlizzCon begins its work. You have prepared yourself a gift for the occasion? No? Then get our gift - the pre-review.

BlizzCon held Blizzard Entertainment, the developer of Warcraft and Starcraft II, Diablo and Heroes of the Storm.

Usually, BlizzCon held in Anaheim Convention Center in Los Angeles (California, USA). To all those who will be there, the company will present vital playing time with the latest versions of their games. The panel discussion will feature live developers and designers. Game competitions, communication, and it is dedicated to this date, the gifts will be given away (remember!) To all those who like BlizzCon, who loves the game, who love eSports. It has become a commonplace company motto, "We make games only top-level!"

"Did you know ...

.. in the distant year 2010 at BlizzCon 3rd place on the StarCraft II ranked player from the Ukraine under the name White-Ra with a prize of $ 5 000. He is now 31 and he is a veteran of e-sports."

This year's world conference will adorn tournament 2015 Heroes of the Storm Championship. Over $ 500,000 will compete 8 teams that passed qualifications in the region: Europe, America, China, Taiwan and Korea.

Among Participating Teams will be a team from Ukraine Natus Vincere. This is its players:

1 scHwimpi (Sweden)

2 ethernal (Bulgaria)

3 JayPL (France)

4 Splendour (Bulgaria)

5 AlexTheProG (Denmark)

The team won the qualification in 2015 HWC - Europe Championship 1st place. The prize is $ 40,000! Recall, the European tournament was held in Prague, Czech Republic 2 - 4 October. Among the participants were such groups as the star Virtus.Pro (Russia), fnatic (Sweden), Gamers2 (Poland). His unbeaten team Navi passed brilliantly! No loss !! And the final of the European Championship became a worthy champion confirmation of claims: 3: 0.

Overall in the contest European Road to BlizzCon (Prague, Czech Republic), the total prize pool of $ 300,000, which was held in the historic city with a modern O2 Arena. During the tournament closely watched thousands of onlookers. Here are the final Heroes of the Storm European Championship 2015 in the record. 2:00 awesome action: the beauty of the game and delight players.

Besides Championship Heroes of the Storm, at BlizzCon tournaments will also be held in 2015 for StarCraft II, World of Warcraft and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

Look for updates on our website. Holiday BlizzCon will be broadcast online.

Yuri Donchenko