Co-owner of Black Star Gaming spoke about the failure of the championship game HearthStone

14 August 2017

Co-owner of Black Star Gaming Pavel Bazhenov told the cybersport portal why the first tournament of the organization on Hearthstone did not go the way it was planned. The developers of the application, because of the bugs of which many players could not continue participating in the competition, commented on the situation and took the blame on themselves.

Earlier the player Elements Pro Gaming Vladislav "Privet" Chepis told about the failed championship in the "Blogosphere", and Olzhas "Naiman" Batyrbekov from G2A advised players not to register for the next tournament from the company Black Star.

About the bugs in the app

"The most interesting is that we tested it. It passed all the bug-tests, but, unfortunately, there are unforeseen situations when the tested application gives out errors. We with the developers decided to suspend the tournament and work on the bugs, so that in a week the application launched without bugs. If this story happened on our platform, then everything would be much worse than now.

Well, it did not happen with the main platform, it will teach us to be more demanding on the developers. Now it so happened that all have taken up arms against us. The community sees the Black Star Gaming logo, and all the caps flew towards us. Unfortunately, the developers we trusted, or they did not expect an influx of players, or something else.

Since the weekend, we are holding close talks with them, so that the situation does not recur. [The application was created by] Electronic Mushroom. The company has been working for several years and is a professional in its business.

They were themselves shocked by what had happened and fired half of those involved in the development of the application. We with them as quickly as possible want to solve the problem, so that there was not such an opinion that we are new to the market, decided to make the tournament and immediately unsuccessful. We want to explain to people why this happened, so that players would once again participate in our tournaments. "

About the possible participation of the moderator in the tournament

"After reading the reviews, I saw that there are critical comments about the participation in the tournament moderators. Now we are figuring out this situation and by the end of Monday we will have a complete picture. We do not despair, the first pancake was a lump, but it's good that we saw the shortcomings that may occur. There are not so many tournaments where the audience so actively comes, and we have received both amateurs and professionals. "