Co-owner of the club Team Liquid on the importance of tournaments The International [Dota 2]

14 August 2017

Victor "NazguL" Gusens recorded several videos about the participation of Team Liquid on The International 2017. In them the founder and co-owner of the club told about the history and the biggest achievements of the team, and also compared the tournament in Seattle with the Olympic Games.

The importance of tournaments The International

"All of our eSports are very similar to tennis: there are several big tournaments, but there are smaller tournaments. There are so many opportunities to prove yourself. LoL, of course, is slightly different. The fact that there is The International, which is huge by the standards of the audience and prize money, very much reminds me of the Olympic Games. Olympic athletes train for 4 years. And they have a moment when everything or nothing.

And so do the daughters every year. If you win at The Internatinonal, then you may be secured for the rest of your life. And everyone is focused on this. This is the point. "

About us

"I think that the Dota 2 community is a bit harder than the community in the other games. I remember seeing the statistics when in Overwatch there were free days off. And in all games has decreased online, but not in Dota 2. This game is simply unshakable. They did not care that in Overwatch it was possible to play for free. People just did what they wanted. And this is in the style of the dot-com. They know what they want: just play Dota 2. "

About personal experience in Dota 2

"I played thousands of matches. Maybe now I have 10 thousand games in Dota 2. For me this game means a lot. Its long e-sports story is a simple example that eSports should recognize as a sport. Such games do not die. They continue to evolve and evolve. They, like traditional sports, never stop. And 'Dota 2 does it all. I'm sure that everyone should see The International. Huge tension and what's at stake - all this creates such an agiotage around the tournament. "

On the performance of the team in the season

"Given our results this year, everyone expects us to be higher. Our misses on the Boston Major 2016 made us very down. That lineup was just a stack of five individual players. Then we realized that nothing would come of it. It was difficult for us to find our style of play. There were too many disagreements in the team. We had to make a change. And after that we started winning tournaments.

EPICENTER is almost the fourth "major". There are TI and two "major", but EPICENTER is a huge, well-organized tournament on the stage of Dota 2. And we won it twice. Two victories in a row at EPICENTER is the most grandiose moment in our history. "