The results of the regional tournaments The Frankfurt Major 2015

15 October 2015

Battles ended in the regional qualifications. Determined 8 strongest teams of 2 in each region. As a result, 16 teams (plus 8 invited teams) will compete in Frankfurt for $ 3 000 000 16 - 21 November.

Read more about the tournament in our review The Frankfurt Major 2015. In anticipation of the tournament.

Regional Qualifiers Format:

4 Region: Europe, North and South America, China, Southeast Asia

Teams: 10 teams in each region

8 Invited Teams (Invited), plus 2 winners in the Open Qualifiers

The format battle group: BO2 (Opponents play 2 games on departure)

Playoff: 2 teams from the group

To begin with let us recall the winners of the Open Qualifiers:

Europe: Team Empire, No Logic Gaming

America: Boreal eSports, High Council of Wizards & Priests

China: DK Scuderia, FTD club B

Asia: Spac_ Creators, 4Hate

They supplemented the list of invited teams in each regional tournament.

# Europe.

The European qualification became apparent failure of teams from RU-zone. 3 Team - Team Empire, Natus Vincere and CIS Rejects - could not even get out of the group.

Group stage

With first place in Group A, expected out Team Liquid. Alliance (Sweden) - second. Team Empire was about to get into the playoffs.

In B group Ninjas in Pyjamas team from Sweden played brilliantly with the final 10 points. The second ticket to the playoffs in the group to learn (monkey) Business. Our CIS Rejects and Natus Vincere have not won a single match.


Team (monkey) Business without a defeat held the entire playoffs. Champions The International Alliance 3 without first lossless dealt with Team Liquid, and then in the finals losers have won Ninjas In Pyjamas. So, (monkey) Business and Alliance will represent Europe in Frankfurt on the Main Event.

# American Division.

The American group stage marked by the most smooth game: earned the highest number of draws. Also note, that 2 Peruvian teams - Sector V (Elite Wolves) and Team Unknown (Unknown.xiu) passed their group and advanced to the playoffs.

Group stage

As the strongest in the region deserved the group came Cloud9 (though not without losses) and Digital Chaos. With the first-place team came out and Sector V.


In the playoffs, we had a tense game on an equal footing. Team Unknown, although lost in the major for Cloud 9, but in loser quite unexpectedly won luminaries Digital Chaos 2: 0.

So America's Main Event will present Cloud 9 (USA) Team Unknown (Peru).

# China.

In the Chinese tournament exactly as expected and came out of their groups with the 1st place, then naturally we went all the playoffs The International 2 Champion Newbee team and The International 4 champion - Invictus Gaming.

Group stage


Playoff Invictus Gaming lost in the major for Newbee, but loser without problems dealt with Newbee Young 2 : 0. It makes sense to hope that will adequately Newbee resistance leaders in the finals of Championship.

# Asia.

Under the South Asian teams played out a real battle. Strongest Region's team Fnatic (Malaysia) took place without problems their group without any loss 4 wins, 0 losses, 0 draws. However, in the playoffs suddenly gave way Mineski (Philippines), although ultimately still reached the final regional qualifying.

Group stage


The final grid commands the main tournament Frankfurt Major in 2015, where in addition to the 8 strongest teams in their regions will participate with 8 invited teams.

Yuri Donchenko